3D Filament Printing Services

At 3DForge.UK we are able to print objects using filament-based FDM 3D printing technology. Whether you need a unique one-off part for a personal project, or a small run of items, 3D resin printing delivers strong and versatile prints compared with 3D resin (SLA) printing and cheaper than other traditional manufacturing techniques. You can also let us know if you need an existing 3D model modified to meet your needs. This makes our service an ideal choice for individuals or small businesses looking to bring their unique ideas to life without breaking the bank.

As an independent small business, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service and producing high-quality 3D filament printed parts.

We are able to print in a wide array of materials including: ASA, ABS, PLA, TPU, PETG, and more.

Contact us to see if we can help bring your ideas to life with filament-based SLA 3D printing.

Example Projects

BRO ROVER LED Light Adapter Kit

Print requested for – https://brorover.co.uk/shop/ols/products/5×7-headlight-adapter-stl-file (website no longer online to purchase the original design files) – 3D Printing service is available from 3DForge.UK

3D Printed Pots, Ornaments, and Gifts